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Self-love is your natural state. Everything else is mind.

Deep Consciousness Work

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Leela Therapy

I offer deep consciousness therapy in the form of Listening Sessions. In listening sessions, you will uncover the roots of patterns and triggers in your daily life -- and heal them, finally.
Listening Sessions use holistic talk therapy, where we meet online, one-on-one, and begin by talking about what's going on for you. Leela Therapy is a whole-self approach where my role as a therapist is to skillfully reflect back your wholeness, so that you can discover clear inner guidance.
You will access the intelligence of your own deep wisdom, and use it to light your way forward. I'm certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, and we may use hypnotherapy or guided meditation if it's right for you. Sometimes we just talk, and untangle challenges using other skills that are just as powerful.
Curious? Let's book a short meeting to see if we're a good fit for each other. Short meetings for a first-time check-in are a (free) opportunity to discover a new connection.

About Me

Hi, I’m Maeve Jones.
I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and yoga instructor in Whistler, BC.


There is a clear open space in and around all things. Pay the simplest attention; it's there. Silence both the foreground and the backdrop of innate wisdom and beautiful peace. And I'm here to tap into it.

My goal is to experience this life in its most essential sense: at peace, with love and clarity. My work is to help others to ease tension, discover themselves, and stop struggling.

Through therapy, moving meditation, or yoga sessions, I facilitate recognition of being deep inside oneself. In each of these sessions, we use simple physical and breathing tools to identify where stress is entering the body or mind, then witness the layers of reaction built up there and dissolve them. Clients experience that they can transcend the mundane and touch their inner core of bliss. Residing in the center of ourselves, we learn to come home to a great Stillness within. 


You can read what clients have to say by clicking the "What People are Saying" button above. 

In my personal life, I feed my soul by immersing in Whistler's incredible nature. I thoroughly enjoy swimming in lakes and riding my bike, and I'm an avid birdwatcher. It's my pleasure to spend time with you in clarity, presence and truth.



I hold a certificate in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Leela Therapy, which I earned in 2020 through the Leela School of Awakening's True Friend program.  Being a True Friend is about serving the world with a quiet mind and and open heart, while taking nothing personally.
My teachers Eli Jaxon-Bear, Lisa Schumacher, and Jared Franks have influenced me immensely. I also owe a great deal to Marlise Witschi for counselling me for ten years (the impact of which can only be conveyed in the way that I live my life now), and also for introducing me to the Leela School.
My Yoga Teaching began with my first two teachers, Gerald Browne in Taichung Taiwan, and Julia McCabe in Whistler.  I completed Julia McCabe's 200 Hour Art and Celebration of Yoga program in 2012 (and I highly recommend this training). I've also learned a great deal from Natalie Rousseau, Janet Stone, Erin Anderson, and Ram Dass. 
Before yoga, I fed my interest in consciousness by studying Body History and Theories of the State at university. Dr Thomas Schlich and Dr. Andrea Tone helped invited me to question my reality and inquire about what it is to be human. I have a Bachelor of Arts with Joint Honours in History and Political Science from McGill University.
Favourite reads:
The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander
Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
Sudden Awakening by Eli Jaxon-Bear
Thus Spoke the Plant by Monica Gagliano
How Can I Help? by Ram Dass and Peter Gormann
The Truth Is by Sri HWL Poonja (Papaji)


What is a Listening Session

May your journey surprise you.

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