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Maeve Jones


Clarity, presence and truth

I offer yoga instruction and clinical hypnotherapy in Whistler, BC. 

My job as a therapist is to skillfully reflect your wholeness,

so that you may guide yourself.

Find the lightness of your own truth. 


Listening Sessions

deep consciousness work

Access your own deep wisdom and use it to light your way forward.

Through talk therapy and guided meditation, you'll

clarify the roots of patterns and heal yourself.

Clinical Hypnotherapy 
Listening Sessions are like talk therapy: We meet online, one-on-one, and begin by talking about what's going on for you.
Then we untangle your experience using discussion and clinical hypnotherapy, which feels like guided meditation. These techniques may help you reach deep into your unconscious mind to discover new and life-affirming solutions.
My role as a therapist is to skillfully reflect back your wholeness, so that you may guide yourself.
I do not offer advice or "coaching."


Let's arrange a short meeting

to see if we're a good fit for each other:

"Maeve's guided meditation brought me to places where I was able to make peace with my past, accept the present and look forward to a great future. Her soothing voice is perfect to get into deep relaxation and I always felt revive after my sessions. Thanks for your help Maeve, you help me heal in many ways."

-MB in Whistler


What clients  say about listening sessions

"I can without a doubt say my time spent with Maeve was the launching pad for the positive shift I needed, enabling me to remain steady and grounded throughout a tumultuous year, i.e. 2020."

- DH in Whistler

"Throughout the session, I felt deeply, deeply heard. ...Very guided towards my own uncovering of my own truth. It’s a beautiful thing, to open up to be so vulnerable, and to be able to walk away from a session feeling different and empowered."

- RD in Whistler


Online Yoga Classes

Public Online Classes

In collaboration with Yogacara Whistler

Private Classes 

Let's pick a time

Yes, I'm still teaching in-person yoga classes at Yogacara Whistler.

Please see Classes for details, or view the studio's website for the most current schedule.