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What people are saying about therapy:


"It's somewhat difficult to put into words exactly what my sessions with Maeve looked like, but what I can tell you is the outcome from them. I was experiencing a constant, low frequency of unrest I couldn't quite overcome. Throughout my sessions with Maeve, this started to ease, to dissipate, and I started to feel a bit more clear, more content. This newfound mental calm was a natural catalyst for positive change in my life. I can without a doubt say my time spent with Maeve was the launching pad for the positive shift I needed, enabling me to remain steady and grounded throughout a tumultuous year, i.e. 2020."

- DH, Whistler Canada

"What I discovered and experienced from your session is that even though I don't know the answers, I jumped into unknown yet I saw love and spaciousness is here. 

I could dropped my burden. my body become so relax so light and dissolved to freedom.

you told me that I am the only one can choose this freedom

 Thank you very much. I don’t know what is going to happen... I  want to be open heart and be true friend to myself and others."

- YT, Tokyo

"The past three weeks have gone by really well considering I have had some big stuff going on... I am so proud to let you know that none of these things have knocked me down or brought up any unmanageable feelings. I am seriously feeling like this is some kind of miracle. Nothing has changed in the outside world but my insides are feeling night and day. I have been continuing to wake up feeling so much gratitude and my relationship with [my partner] is better than ever. I cannot thank you enough for everything up until this point, I am so grateful for you and our time."

-SP, Whistler


Dear Maeve --

...You have a certain quality about you that I've never before encountered, an ability to look into someone's eyes and make them feel SEEN in all their dimensions -- even dimensions that they keep hidden from the world. But the innocence of your intentions makes all that hiding feel absurd, unnecessary. So thanks. Even though you made me squirm a little -- that habit of hiding dies hard -- your  presence was a highlight of my [time meeting you].


Or

"Something that comes up right away is this immense feeling of change within, within my own body. It’s a visceral and felt change. Which I didn’t know was possible through something I thought of as being talk therapy.

... I think that this feeling of liberation comes because you are so amazing at being such a clear and unbiased channel. And you sit there in pure, calm joy. Throughout the session, I feel deeply, deeply heard. Not from a biased ego-based person with good skills at being a therapist, but instead of a true mirror...

...You’re very good at being very loving, and making sure to reflect that love back to the person you’re dealing with, back to me. And the encouragement, and the diction and the vocabulary that you use, and the cues that you use, are perfect and loving and encouraging, while also being just very clear. Very guided towards my own uncovering of my own truth.


It’s a beautiful thing, to open up to be so vulnerable, and to be able to walk away from a session feeling different and empowered."


-RD, Whistler Canada

Maeve's guided meditation brought me to places where I was able to make peace with my past, accept the present and look forward to a great future. Her soothing voice is perfect to get into deep relaxation and I always felt revive after my sessions. Thanks for your help Maeve, you help me heal in many ways :)

- MB, Whistler Canada

Maeve was extremely engaging and asked me questions that were thought provoking and made me curious to dive deeper. I found Maeve’s approach extremely professional and she was very easy to open up to. I made several discoveries that I did not anticipate and had subconsciously never made a connection with before. I found the session very therapeutic and she provided me with tools to apply to future situations. I left feeling like I had more clarity around the topics we discussed and confident that if presented in future I could tackle issues with a different approach. Thank you Maeve, 10/10 recommend!

- DD, Whistler Canada

"What I realized is that … I was myself Fixed to that projection. He's right, I'm wrong, and I subconsciously felt failure, which triggered my own self-hate. I projected that onto him. So I suddenly got angry.

It was a big thing for me to realize this. Realizing this makes me stop. “I” disappeared. … It means that there is a projection of me.  means that my anger and fear serve as guideposts for my awareness in all relationships.


 My relationship with this space is light and joyful. Thank you Maeve Your session is really beautiful."

-YT, Tokyo

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