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Goal Smashed - Peace out!

Two years ago I set a goal to pay my rent from income made teaching yoga. It seemed outrageous at the time (to date I’d only earned silver coins and fruit smoothies for my work teaching) so I gave myself 8 months.

But like magic, it happened right away. Erin Anderson asked me to lead a kid’s yoga program at White Gold Yoga, then to sub a Power Yoga class, and soon enough to take over regular scheduled classes. Within 8 weeks I had paid my rent from yoga.

I set a new goal. I quit my serving job, started Whistler Kids Yoga, and started teaching yoga full time. Again, goal smashed. Work found me and I found love in my work. Lululemon invited me to lead nature adventures at Wanderlust Whistler. Whistler Insider featured me as an international Prancing Guru – and I checked another major life goal off the list.

Now, more than 2 years later, my cup is full and overflowing. I have smashed my “full time yoga” goals and I am ready to move forward. The time has come for me to set my sights higher than just studio classes.

On that note I say, “Peace out, White Gold Yoga.” While I continue to lead meaningful yoga journeys at Whistler Yogacara and occasionally at YYoga Neoalpine, I am also planting new seeds.

I have returned to my love of being boss, and am leading a dream team to create a whimsical and grotesque sculpture for Burning Man 2016.

I have stockpiled a seasons’ worth of blog posts ready to launch online starting today. I commit to uncovering my writings and sharing my thoughts with you more frequently.

And this week I launch a video project designed to bring movement, silliness and peace to office corners and service stations near you.

Stand by, world. With love,


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