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Onwards and Inwards

A month ago I made a decision to stop pretending. I was in a very dark place and I needed to fish myself out. I had been pushing away the reality that my relationship was failing, and I was hiding from the pain that it obviously wasn't going where I wanted it to go.

Somehow, I left.

It was very sad. But it was right.

I'm committed to getting back to living with honest, down-to-earth joy. And I'm willing to take care of myself first, even when it means letting go of something that I love. I'm slowly reconnecting with the quiet wisdom my body eternally whispers. I'm remembering what it means to listen, and to feel.

I am willing to go through this pain because I know that it's unavoidable. Pain is a fair emotion on the spectrum of my life. And I want to hit that spectrum at every angle and in every colour.

Onwards. With headlamps and clear light. With hashtags for clarity, presence and truth.

RETREAT July 6-8 in the Sea to Sky Retreat Centre - Living from Love

FREE MOVEMENT WORKSHOP May 5th Whistler on feeling your inner joy

SOBER SUMMITS May 26th hiking for the fun of it in Whistler WANDERLUST Aug 2-6 in Whistler - for Prancing Your Heart Out BLACK ROCK CITY Aug 26- Sept 2 - Free Movement and Lifing so Hard

With you,


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