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Day 2: Plastic-Free Ground Rules

Let's get real. What exactly am I doing in this "Plastic-Free" Month? It's time to weed out some unrealistic goals.

Will I give up all contact with plastic? No way.

Will I toss perfectly good plastic products just for spite? Nope. I'll use them to the end of their lives, then replace them free of plastic. That is the experiment. Can I live freely, healthily, and happily without purchasing plastic goods?

Time will tell.

Let's lay some ground rules. Here we go:

My intention:

To examine my use of plastic that eventually becomes waste.

The Why:

I accept that I create wastes. Garbage, poo, farts, bad ideas. I also acknowledge that I unconsciously create more waste than I need to. And that some of it sticks around for a while. I want to reduce that.

Tangible Committments for 31 days of May:

1. I reduce my plastic footprint by eliminating short-term plastic waste. Specifically, I consume no plastic food packaging.

2. I replace used up plastic-packaged cosmetics and wellness products with those that use non-plastic or degradable packaging.

3. I seek out non-plastic alternatives for longer-term consumables: ie, footwear, yoga mats, clothing, blenders; and equip myself to choose those options ongoing.

4. I reduce, repair, reuse, and repurpose plastic products and appliances to prevent their premature entry into landfills / recycling.

Foreseen Obstacles:

Deoderant. Public service announcement: I may give up deodorant for the next month. It comes in a plastic container. I cannot use it.

Also, toothpaste, razors, shoelaces, yoga mats, tampons, dish soap, birth control, and laundry detergent. Pens. Almond milk containers.

That's a long list. It's also a big pile of waste. Wish me luck!

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