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I Promise Not to Judge You

This plastic-free thing has ruffled some feathers in my community. I feel people reacting with fear, with distrust, maybe a little hate.

So I have an open message to the world: Dear world, dear friends, dear clients, dear colleagues: I love you. And I’m doing an experiment around my personal use of plastic. I want to explore my plastic consumption (waste) so that I can broaden my application of consciousness. This experiment is just about me. Me, no better or worse than anyone else. Just workin’ on myself.

Please accept me trying on a new shoe around plastic use? I mean no harm to anyone. I want to step into power around my goals and intentions.

Without question, I accept you completely however you choose to use or not use plastic. You and me, our relationship has never hinged on what either of us eats, drinks, does or doesn’t consume. So let’s keep it that way. I promise not to judge you as a part of my experiment. Can you forgive me for being different?

We’re all walking down this path of life together, side by side, step by step. Just putting one foot in front of the other, each of us doing what we think is best.

Let us both be generous with abundant forgiveness; letting go of this, releasing judgment of that, creating along the way a joyous and beautiful journey. It’s possible. Are you with me?

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