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Choosing Between Yin and Yang

I often struggle to balance Yin and Yang in my practice and teachings - that is, to locate myself between my two yoga loves: the First, a deep current of sensitivity and awareness cultivated by subtlety and stillness, and the Second, the sweat and stimulating rigor of a physically challenging practice.

Reflection always leads me to the same conclusion: It's all good!

'Yoga' as I know it describes access to Union - a process of self-realization that leads to the insight to know that peace is everything. In truth, we can see that we're all made up of love. And as our illusions of otherwise dissolve, along with them dissolve the means by which we got there.

So rather than attaching to one yoga love or another, I hereby commit to getting groovy. To accepting all approaches as nutritious gravy. Because it's all good!

Please join my exploration of the Yin side of things at Whistler Yogacara, every Sunday at 4:30pm.

Photo by Justa Jeskova.

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