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Black Diamond Yoga is for You

Did you know that Black Diamond Power Yoga is for you? Yes, you. Diligent yogi, at your exact physical level, Black Diamond Yoga is all yours. And it's fun.

Let me explain. Black Diamond Power Yoga is an advanced class that I teach Friday evening at White Gold Yoga. It's called "Black Diamond" after the steepest and most challenging ski slopes on nearby Whistler Mountain. As the name suggests, the class is stimulating and the progression is steep. And like the slopes, it's invigorating and inspiring.

To me, a snow-loving Whistler resident, it seems obvious that "Black Diamond" translates to "wow fun." So I was surprised when recently a friend approached me to inquire if she "could attend the class." She was recovering from back trauma and was nervous that she might be unwelcome or in over her head. It seemed that she felt less than "good enough" at yoga to join.

So I'd like to set the record straight. Black Diamond Power Yoga is for you. If you are willing to step into that room at 5:30pm on a Friday, you are welcome. Because there's no such thing as "good enough at yoga." Your interest in attending and being challenged and stimulated is requirement enough. Period.

I offer you stimulating postures and a challenging physical experience. It is at no time my place to judge your ability level good or bad, right or wrong. Plainly, I have no interest in evaluating whether you are "good enough" to be there. More pertinently, do you want to inspire yourself? And is an Advanced Power Yoga class a tool that will serve that goal for you?

Are you dying to express yourself through creative and dynamic movement? Do you love the satisfaction of a rigorous sweat? And are you willing to burst open the boundaries around what's possible for you? To learn practical tools for new physical abilities and deeper personal knowledge? To broaden the spectrum of your options and set higher the bar of possibility in your life? And to discover how to be compassionate with yourself as you diligently work towards goals?

If you answered "a lot" and "yes," then Black Diamond Power Yoga is for you.

Move off-piste, move into your deeper self.

Please join us. We'll be waiting.

Below is the correspondence between Super E and I, in which I explain why she should come to Black Diamond Yoga. The same message applies to you and every willing yogi.

With love,



Super E

Hey, so kinda good kinda not good news from my trip to the hospital yesterday, ... I can now start trying exciting stuff in yoga with a bit of help at first - yay!!!


My question is.... Do you think I could have a go at black diamond yoga tonight or would that be silly and should I wait a couple weeks?...

I wanted to check what you thought, I also don't want to ruin any experience for any other yogi if they get partnered with me and I hinder them because you need to be super super flexible and yoginess to have a go at the class, if that's the case no worries.

11:00am Maeve Jones

That's great news Super E!

In response to your question, I have a question. How confident do you feel modifying? In Black Diamond I teach advanced variations of the poses, and of course there are always reasonable modifications for any confident practitioner. And you are a seasoned practitioner, who I think has the self-body knowledge to approach the practice consciously and safely. The biggest challenge for you will be a mental game - are you confident and prepared to modify your poses in a room full of egoic yogis showing off their most advanced moves?

While I strive to banish egoism from every class, it remains present. And in an advanced class your challenge will be to negotiate between ego "I've got this," and your most loving true self "Let me approach curiously and be present where I am."

Actually I would love to have you in the room modifying confidently, because it's something that I want to see more of in every student! We should all be tuned in with our own bodies enough to take expressions of the poses that serve us. And whatever one's ability level, everyone benefits from conscious and mindful modifications.

Long story short, if you feel prepared to advance your personal work by approaching the Black Diamond Class with curiosity, humility, and a willingness to grow, then yes, please come. I would love to see you tonight.

With love,


11:06am Super E

Thanks so much for putting so much thought into your response, you have just inspired me to come and made me feel comfortable and safe in the idea of coming because I'll be in a safe and non judging or pressurising environment because you will be my teacher! Okay cool, fingers crossed I'll finish on time to come x

11:47am Maeve Jones

Great. Hope to see you tonight!

With love,


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